Sat, Oct 16, 2021 Afternoon

Joe and I put in some upgrades to the mesh barriers. We put in mesh along the 22GP side of the 20/22GP fence to provide a dual layer of protection. We also added mesh to the corner of the 22GP park space to try and seal it off from the outside and laid down some stone to provide an additional barrier that should slow down the rats moving between 22GP and 20GP. We used Cheryl’s clever idea of putting down baby powder to show us where they’re running around. Additionally, I have a camera aimed at that corner, but the signal is weak that far from the house. On the inside of the 22GP patio, I put fencing along most of the 22/24GP fence and made sure to seal off any gaps. Soon all add some bricks to weigh down the mesh to make it harder for them to dig up.